Working With Us - Appearing In Our Directory

We are keen to support and work with independant Funeral Service Providers, and would love to hear from you!


  • There is NO charge to be in our directory

  • Each Funeral Provider gets their own page within this site free of charge which will fully optimised and linked back to your own website. 


  • You will have your own library of memory books within our site which will link directly through from your page. We can provide you with a direct domain and web link so your clients can access directly without going through our site.  We in effect are your library host, creating and hosting digital memory books and order of services.

  • Books are created by filling out a simple form and loading it with content including images where payment is taken on submission.  Form submission on the clients behalf can be a chargable appointment, done as an administrative task and added on to their bill.

  • We are happy to train a member of staff if required (currently via remote) to fill out our form, so that you can make this a chargable appointment for your clients that are not confident with computers.

  • We also include the Order of Service with our books and underneath each book as a stand alone item.  Everything we create can be downloaded, shared and printed unlimited times.

  • We can password protect your library if you choose - there is no charge for this but it will be your responsibility to give this password to your clients.

  • All books and order of services are kept live in our library for 3 months, then put into digital archive.

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