Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can we print out our memory book and share our book with our family and friends?

A:  Yes you can.  All memory books can be shared, downloaded and printed from your computer.

Q:  How do I print or share my memory book?

A:  There are navigation arrows and icons beaneath your book which allow you to download and share your book,  once downloaded you can print out from your own computer.  Books will download as PDF files, just click the arrows beneath your book.

Q:  How much do memory books cost? How do I pay?

A:  Memory books cost £100 per book, you pay when you download the form by direct bank payment.

Q:  Im not very good with technology, and Im not sure what to do.

A:  Don't worry, your Funeral Co-Ordinator will fill out your form for you (this takes about half an hour and is a chargable appointment).   All you have to do is provide them with the content (pictures and information) that you want to be included in your book. 

Q:  What should I include in my book?

A:  You can include the order of service, poems, readings, pictures, quotes from family members, stories, song choices, any information you would like in your memory book we are happy to include.  we can also include one short video.

Q:  Is there a maximum number of pages I can have in my book?

A:  Yes there are, we usually keep the maxiumum number of pages to 8 including front and back cover.  If you just want your Order Of Service to be in our library, the cost and process is the same.  Fill out the form, and submit.

Q:  How long will my memory book be on this site for?

A:  Your memory book will be available on this site for 12 weeks from the date your book is uploaded.  You will receive a reminder email 2 weeks before we archive your book.

Q:  I would like a memory book but my Funeral Home is not in your directory, what are my options?

A:  You can click the download the form button, complete the required information on the form and send it back to us via email.  We will happily create a memory book for you and host it on our site for 12 weeks.

Q:  I would like a memory book for my pet - can you create this for us?

A:  Yes we can, just fill out the downloadable form, make your payment, send the form back to us and your memory book will be available in 7 working days on the site for viewing under the pets page.  Your book will be printable and online for 12 weeks.